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This Week’s TOP 5 GMAT Forum Topics
What's New at GMAT Club?

Want to know what features are being added behind the scenes, what cool resources we published, and what's in store? Follow this thread by bb (regularly updated)


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Flash announcement - GMAC says "IR is important"

It's been 6+ months since the launch of the Integrated Reasoning section. With scores from 105K+ exams, GMAC has enough data to conduct some preliminary analysis to evaluate the value that the Integrated Reasoning section adds. Read on for some key takeaways from the reports.


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CR "Diagram the Argument": Waste of Time or Helpful Technique?

From GMAT Club member Ngould "The MGMAT CR book advises the test taker to "diagram the argument" i.e. take notes on an argument. This seems to me like it could be an inefficient use of time, but maybe I haven't given this technique enough practice. What do you all think?"


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740 - (Q50, V40), retake advice appreciated!

GMAT Club member JohnGalt44 scored a respectable 740 but was a little weak in the Verbal section. Should they retake? See the debrief and join the discussion.


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e-GMAT's Best Practices for SC

Best Practice 2 – Communicate "All" Aspects of Meaning of Original Choice. Continuing the e-GMAT "Best Practices for SC" series: A very vital best practice – Always make sure that the correct choice communicates "all" logical information presented by the original choice.


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Perserverance: An article by Stacy Blackman

If application results didn't turn out as planned this season, take a look at Stacy Blackman's article on perseverance, originally published in the Wharton online magazine.  And, if you are considering an application for the first, second or third time this year, now is a great time to take advantage of SBC's free consultation.

Click here to contact Stacy Blackman Consulting.

Practice Makes Perfect: Participate in a Wharton Team Interview Simulation
MBAMission has added a new service to its MBA interview menu: Wharton Premium Interview Preparation. This fantastic option provides Wharton interviewees with mock interviews for both the team and the individual interviews.

After the mock interviews, participates receive written feedback and a phone consultation.
Participants say the group simulation made them "much more prepared for the real interview."
Sign-up for your Wharton Interview "dress rehearsal" today!

This Week’s TOP 5 MBA Forum Topics

In a twist to the "Calling all applicants" threads, we are instead listing the B-School forums themselves. If you want the "Calling all applicants" thread, just go to the appropriate B-School forum and you'll find the thread there (along with other interesting school threads).

Stanford GSB
London Business School
Haas (UC Berkeley)
Hong Kong University
New B-School Discussions Forum Layout - What do you think?

Today, the very familiar MBA forum has gone through a transformation! This is the most we have ever changed our B-School forum and we hope you like it! No changes to the discussion format - still as good and solid as they were. Click below to see the list of all the cool things we added.

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Strategies for research?

From GMAT Club member Wown: "I am going to apply to MBA next year and I am starting to research the schools I am interested in... What are some research strategies/organizational frameworks you have used to keep track of all the info you gather?

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My Big Decision: Sloan vs Tuck

Help GMAT Cub member GrandeDecision make a decision: "I've been admitted to MIT Sloan (no $) and Tuck (with roughly 40% tuition off). I want to do management consulting after my MBA. I think Tuck goes far in terms of personal focus, but MIT is the more competitive school and I think the brand name goes farther. I look forward to your votes, replies and PMs."

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Social entrepreneurs? Non-profit types here?

From GMAT Club member Ntang: "Is anyone else out there applying to B-schools for the non-profit management or social entrepreneurship programs? I've been soliciting views from current students at a bunch of schools and have gotten mixed reviews about how non-traditional business school types like us are received. Thoughts, anyone?"

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JB's Guide to Dressing & Interview Attire

GMAT Club member JB88's provides sage wisdom regarding attire: "In an interview (and in life) your attire plays a supporting role. Appropriate attire supports your image as a person who takes the interview process seriously and understands the nature of the industry in which you are trying to become employed."

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