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August Academy is a venture founded by an alumnus of IIT Madras and Stanford University in 2013. Over the past five years, we’ve helped students belonging to the most competitive MBA applicant pool (Indian Engineers) get into several top 20 schools from across the world. We’ve worked with people in every time zone from Australia to California - we are extremely responsive. Several of our students have received offers from top 20 schools in the US (including Kellogg, MIT Sloan, Columbia, Yale, Duke, NYU Stern, UVa Darden, Ross, Cornell, Anderson, UNC Kenan-Flagler, McCombs, Tepper, Olin and Goizueta), top 10 schools in Europe (including London Business School, HEC Paris, IE, ESADE and Oxford), and top ranked schools in other regions (Rotman, Ivey, Schulich, the National University of Singapore and the Indian School of Business). Overall, our students have won over $3,100,000 in scholarships so far.

August Academy is a member of AIGAC - the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants. This is a reflection of our commitment to the highest levels of integrity and service to candidates.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By suhasvadyaraju 6 0

If I have to make a list of people who had a significant impact on me and who contributed the most in my life, Karthik my counselor from August Academy would be one amongst them. Coming from a highly represented pool of typical Indian IT guys with GMAT above 700, I was facing a huge competition and was totally clueless on my application essays. I had interacted with many service providers and I can confidently say my admission into HEC Paris wouldn't have been possible had it not been with Karthik and August Academy's help.

Every aspect of the services provided by August academy make one understand one's profiles at a deeper level.By just working on my starter files my idea of my strengths changed drastically and at the same time, they made me pinpoint the exact reasons why MBA and how could it help me reach my goals.Working with Karthik feels like doing a smart and a critical introspective.He has put in a great effort to understand my profile, to the minute detail, question every tall claim I made and made sure I had substantial information to back my achievements. Their approach to resume preparation using the STAR methodology brought a stunning resume that highlighted my best aspects in a way comprehensible to the adcoms who can be from diverse backgrounds. I was very bad during my mock interviews and on one occasion during my ISB interview prep, Karthik worked with me late nights back to back, taking mock interviews, giving feedback and grooming me to the best level. The mocks were so helpful that I use the same lines to pitch my experience with almost everyone. In short, I strongly recommend August Academy not just for application essays but to have a deeper change in the way one approaches to promoting oneself at any level.

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August Academy Review
January 18 | 2017
reviewer identity verified by membership
     By priyal1991 5 8

Initially when I decided to apply to B schools, I had no idea where to start from. I contacted a close friend of mine who had just secured admission in one of the top B schools. She recommended Karthik to me and I am glad I decided to go with him.


Because I applied to just 2 B schools and I got in both! Ivey with a $ 30,000 scholarship and Rotman with a $ 20,000 scholarship. Making the mistake of not giving my GMAT beforehand, I had limited time to study, draft essays, resumes, recommendations, video essays, prepare for interviews and deal with office work at the same time. But Karthik constantly pushed and motivated me to ensure I complete my application well before the timeline.

The best part about Karthik is that he didn’t spoonfeed me - he gave me space to come up with my own story. He acted as a catalyst, guided me in the right direction, helped me identify and highlight key points in my essay. This was really important because I needed to own my goals and essays and talk passionately about them to be able to convince my interviewer that I would achieve those goals in the future.

The advice and constructive criticism I received from Karthik while practicing my video essays and my mock interviews was extremely useful. I completely aced both my interviews - infact my Rotman interview was the best interview I had ever given in my life, even before it had ended I knew that the interviewer was really impressed and there was no way I wouldn't be selected. This was all possible because of the ample time Karthik had spent with my mock interviews - all the times he put me on the spot with really twisted behavioral questions gave a great boost to my confidence and my ability to tackle unexpected questions.

Karthik was also really organised with the to-do lists on Asana and the meeting booking on Calendly. I really liked Asana because it helped me keep a track of all the items pending on my plate and assign tasks to Karthik easily. The constant annoying reminders from Asana that cluttered my inbox kept me on my toes to finish all the tasks on time.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience working with him and I would definitely recommend him to others.

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Great Experience
December 13 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by score report
     By avin9292 2 0

The initial consultation session that I had with Karthik from August Academy was enough to convince me that August Academy was the perfect choice. Karthik struck me as very direct, intuitive, responsive and is passionate about helping out candidates. And I absolutely loved working with him through the entire application process.

The process itself was very well-thought out. Even before getting to the essays, there was a very involved “deep dive”. The rubric that Karthik gave me was detailed and allowed me to dig deeper into my past experiences, understand what motivated me, what kind of a leader I was, and what excites me about my future goals. This introspection and discussion really set the base and provided me more clarity on what I wanted out of an MBA. It allowed me to recognize the strengths and quirks that truly differentiated me. And these were things that I was able to strongly leverage in my essays. For the essays, I felt that discussing the essays over calls was so much more effective than looking at offline comments. And unlike many other firms that have a limit on 2-3 iterations, Karthik was ready to take as many of these calls as needed to make the drafts perfect.

One very important thing to note before going in is that you are going to be dealing with an “admissions consultant” and not an “essay editor.” Karthik is not going to change your writing style or modify the vocabulary a lot. But he is going to give you great advice on how best to structure your essays, what the aspects of yourself you should highlight, what anecdotes and life experiences fit in well – all in all make sure that you put your best foot forward. And this is what makes an essay good!

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from 550 to 690 to IE
September 19 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By prabhakar09 192 31

I started to understand the admission process early this year. I was overwhelmed and confused. Some guidance came in the form of GMATclub, but it was clear I would need a proper guide for navigating these difficult waters.I looked at the available consultants, made the free consultations.

August academy stood out as clear winner for various reasons:

1. they use the raw material from the candidate and just mold it in a way to project the image perfectly.
2. they don't change the language so the essays come out as your own,
3. Karthik, my guide, is very understanding and considerate person. Very comfortable to work with.

So, I took a three school package. We started out with the basic getting to know the candidate stage and preliminary write-ups. In one week with that done, and deadline just two weeks away we dived in with the school specific essays.

It would have been impossible otherwise, but we managed to submit an 8 essay application in just 2 weeks. and a relatively smaller application in next 10 days. I got interview call from the both.

Karthik prepared me up for the interviews, he gave me a set of all basic and specific questions. I prepared. We discussed. and when I was ready we did mock interviews. Which helped a lot. The last interview I had, was 6 years ago. So those practice sessions were like a godsend, which I really needed.

In the end, we made application for two schools, Successful at IE business school and Waiting list at INSEAD.

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reviewer identity verified by post count
     By riyazgilani 44 2

After my GMAT, as my score was not that great, I did not want to take any chances. So I started looking for an admission consultant. Most of them were ridiculously expensive and some were super cheap, making me suspicious. I spoke to quite a few consultants but was not able to feel the connect with anyone. That’s when I spoke to Karthik sir from August academy. After the initial intro talk itself, I had pretty much finalised to work with him.

The term “Thorough Professional” sums him up quite well. He is very straight forward, won’t beat around the bush. Forget about writing the essay for a student, he won’t even change the language of your essay. But he will keep pointing you in the right direction, motivating you to do better. The greatest thing about him is that he will keep prodding you to think hard and make your draft better if he feels it has even little scope for improvement. His style will make you do a lot of introspection thinking about what you have done in your career and what you want to do ahead. This is helpful throughout the admission process and even after getting admitted. With his help, I could get an admit with a decent scholarship. His guidance was very valuable throughout.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By nehas16 4 0

I worked with Karthik for 7 of my R3 applications and converted 5 schools with scholarships, including Olin.

I gave my GMAT in January and then was faced with a challenge of completing the applications within a short span of time since R3 deadlines for international candidates were approaching.

I approached two consultants before Karthik. One of them clearly told me that completing the applications on such a short notice is not possible. The other consultant showed me a rosy picture and assured me that by working with him I'll be able to get into the top 20 schools in R3. I chose to work with him since he reassured me of good results with a guarantee. He started the application writing process without knowing anything about me. He wrote the first draft of essay himself, which was very philosophical and didn't go with my profile at all. I was disappointed.

After going through the GMAT club reviews of August academy, I spoke to Karthik. The best thing that I liked about Karthik is that he is so straightforward and honest with you. He told me that R3 will be very difficult to crack and he can't promise top 20 schools but we will certainly try and not give up.

He took his time to know about me and wanted me to make my story unique. He really worked hard on me and pushed me to write quality essays on my own. He gave me the liberty of writing the first draft the way I wanted to and then we would polish it more through iterations.

Throughout my application journey, Karthik's suggestions were instrumental. He gave the right suggestions at the right time. He was also very quick in responding to my queries and also worked on weekends with me when the deadlines were very near. He is very professional and never edited the language of my essays. This indeed helped me as my essays sounded more natural. He is the most organized and systematic person to work with, which makes the application process so much simple. We were able to complete the applications of 7 schools in 25 days.

I sincerely thank Karthik for his guidance in making my dream come true.

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reviewer identity verified by score report
     By Sackut 0 0

When I started looking for a consultant I was very skeptical if he/she could help me with my unusual profile. After a suggestion from a friend and meeting Karthik I decided to give a go. Karthik gave me a very frank assessment of my profile, outlining my strength and weakness, constantly pushed me to make sure I am putting my best foot forward.

I want to thank you very much for your professionalism and dedication throughout the process, which was a stressful period for me. You have been very prompt and professional with your response, helped me strategize my approach for the application. Needless to say, your insights were very valuable and helpful. Thank you!


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Top 15 admit
May 05 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by post count
     By aravinth545 174 46

When I first contacted Karthik, I had not yet given my GMAT. He evaluated my profile, helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and motivated me to do well on the GMAT. He even suggested how to prepare for the GMAT.

When I was playing safe with the selection of universities, Karthik encouraged me to apply for the bigger ones. I applied to 10 universities – 5 in R1 and 5 in R2. After I received admits from 4 universities in R1, I was happy about it and content. He asked me to apply to bigger universities

I got interview invites from 8 universities and admits from 5.

I will be joining a Top 15 ranked university this Fall. Thanks to Karthik for motivating me to aim higher.

Before I started writing essays, he told me how to contact current students and alumni of the schools I was applying to and get vital information which will help me in my essays. After I had an idea of what to write in my essay, Karthik would help me structure my thoughts in a coherent way. And I was free to schedule an appointment to discuss about my essays until it was perfect. He did not limit me to the number of calls or hours as some consultants do.

I found the discussions with Karthik to be more productive when I did some research on the school and made a rough structure for the essays.

After attending 8 interviews, I can safely say I have become a pro at MBA Admission interviews. Karthik corrected my delivery style and taught me how to make proper eye contact with the interviewer.

Karthik does more than what is expected of him. He motivates you to aim higher when you are content with the status quo. I would strongly recommend Karthik – August Academy to future MBA aspirants.

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Ivy League Admit
May 02 | 2016
reviewer identity verified by school email address
     By Sri740 2 5

I have had a wonderful association with August Academy which eventually led to an Ivy League admit. (Yay!! ☺ ). The journey was as exciting as the result with many twists that came along the way. It was a real roller coaster ride with countless late night phone-calls, a few interview invites and some disappointments along the way.

I was very impressed right from the first call we had when I was evaluating various admissions consultants. When I first spoke to Karthik. I had finally met an admissions mentor who did not focus on the no. of hours per discussion per candidate. I could feel a genuine interest on his side to get to know my story and to help me figure out what worked best for me.

Though I had researched a fair bit, Karthik’s inputs on various B-school cultures, their strengths and weaknesses etc were helpful in narrowing down the list of schools that I should target. The first few discussions helped me discover my true motivations and realize my strengths and weaknesses. Karthik was extremely supportive, friendly and (I can’t stress this enough) patient through the entire process. Being the perfectionist that he is we worked on my story and each of the SoPs many times over.

When things wouldn’t go according to plan, Karthik knew the right things to say to get you back on track. The myriad stories he shares about others he has helped are quite motivating as one can very easily relate to them.

I believe that August Academy had a huge role to play in helping me achieve my goal and hope that they continue helping others the same way. All the best!!

SC Johnson Graduate School of Management
Cornell University

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reviewer identity verified by membership
     By gmat499 0 0

I came to know about Karthik from the gmatclub. Before rounding up on him I spoke to a couple of consultants. After my interactions with all of them, I felt Karthik took personal interest in the candidates and was willing to spend more time to present about them in the best way possible.

I am glad I selected him to help me with the applications. We had multiple rounds of discussions to pick the experiences that would make good stories for my essays. He sat with me to refine the essays and to prepare my resume. I really liked that he was detailed oriented and went an extra mile to make sure that the application was perfect. He was always frank and did not hesitate to correct me when he thought my essays were not up to the mark. He also helped me to understand what can be added or changed to make them better. Without his help I never would have been able to write essays the way I did.

He was always available when we wanted to speak with him. His guidance for the interview process helped me in preparing for it. In short, I had a very good experience working with him.

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