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Bloomberg Exam Prep’s GMAT course offers adaptive learning technology, premium content, and elite tutoring to help you achieve your best possible GMAT score. You’ll have access to micro-lessons covering the entire GMAT curriculum, 5,000+ practice questions, and up to 7 simulation exams, all at your own pace. Our AI software acts as a personal tutor, analyzing your performance as you progress and personalizing its content recommendations to address your target learning areas.

Each of our three plans is backed by the industry-leading score guarantee: complete the course and get up to a 100+ point score increase over your previous score, or receive 100% of your money back.

Best of all, you can sign up today for a free, 7-day trial without even entering your credit card information.

Bloomberg Exam Prep GMAT Course Reviews

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August 07, 2020

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710 Q48 V40

Great Comprehensive Test Prep!! My Score increased by 120 Points


Improvement 120 Points

Course Bloomberg Exam Prep Complete Prep

Location Online

I self-studied, and took the GMAT for the first time in December 2019 and scored a 590. My goal score was a 700, so I cancelled the 590 because I was so frustrated with my performance.

In March 2020, I decided that I needed extra help beyond just self-studying. I took a 1-week free trial of Bloomberg’s GMAT prep course. During my free trial, I took a practice test and scored a 660. I was honestly shocked because it was such a better score than I had gotten at an actual testing center. This 660 became my baseline for the course.

I signed up for The Complete Prep plan which included a 50-point score increase guarantee, as long as you completed 90% of the course content, all 3 practice tests, and all 3 one-on-one tutor sessions. So this meant that with my 660 baseline score, I was guaranteed a 710 or my money back. Throughout the program, I took the 3 practice tests and scored a 580, 700, and 710.

On actual test day, I scored a 710!! So not only did this course fulfill my 50-point score increase based on the original 660 practice test, it increased my actual score by 120 points (compared to my 590 in December 2019)!!

This program is convenient and self-paced. The tutors are excellent. My only complaint is that the last 15-25% of the course takes significantly longer than the beginning portion. So if you are trying to complete 90% of the course to keep your score-guarantee, make sure you leave yourself ample time!! I did it, and it is possible. But the last 15-25% of the course will take you a lot longer.

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