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MBA Program Review
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     By scottfelton 10 5
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Mays is a great program. They hold students to a very high standard. Academically more rigorous than you might expect, and the professors are quite excellent, many professors, including former Booth MBA professors and professors who also teach at schools like ISB.

The career services are also rigorous in their prep, and are very hands on with the student, but they expect a lot in return. They are always working to bring more and more companies on campus, and many students have excellent internships.

Expect to get good exposure to former military. Mays goes out of its way to ensure they have a great experience.

The school provides multiple opportunities for career prep, bringing in a great variety and host of professional speakers to teach Case Prep and Interview Prep. Overall, it has been an excellent experience.

About professors, classes and curriculum

Professors are very open and willing to work with you. Because the student body is small, it is very easy to get in front of professors and you have a ton of access.

Being a 3 semester accelerated program, you save a ton of money, and opportunity cost compared to traditional 4 semester MBA programs, but your courseload is very intense- expect work 50-60+ hours a week much of the time.

About job placement process

A lot of great students here who work hard and try to build each other up.

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