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Constant practice is the key to a 50 in Quant


I'm living proof that natural math talent or schooling can get you a top quant score. I got a 50 on Quant and had not taken a math course in 14 years.

The Math Revolution team make it clear that daily problems are super important. I did my 5 daily problems everyday for 6 weeks and it was vital for my success. My brain was trained to get up in the morning, go to my laptop, turn on the time on my cell phone, and finish the problems in 10 minutes (2 minutes each). Then review them all immediately afterwards. Then 4 days later I would repeat that quick from 4 mornings ago before I went to sleep - to check if I really learned the materials.

Like I said, this daily practice is crucial. These problems are relevant to how the current GMAT is testing. Do not practice on out-dated problems. Math Revolution is the best Quant prep and daily practice is key.

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