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As for me, Quant was a terrible difficulty to pass GMAT. The questions were too tricky for me to hit the low mark. So, when I started GMAT, my score was only 35. I was full of despair with my score, and gave up business school.

Meanwhile, my friend who was studying in Harvard Business School recommended Max LEE and Math Revolution. He told me that his questions on Math Revolution were great to get a good score.

After taking his recommendation, I immediately visited on Math Revolution and the site gave me a lot of GMAT quant questions. Let me tell you what I checked the questions and felt about that.

First of all, his questions are very useful to understand what GMAT Quant is. Second, his explanation for the questions are very easy and clear. Third, his questions are so similar to real GMAT Quant exam that have a great hit rate.

My score had been significantly improving. Finally my Quatn score was 50 when I finished GMAT. I would like to thank Max Lee and Math Revolution. If you are in trouble with Quant, Max Lee and Math Revolution will help you. Please check his great questions first and get a good score. Good luck.

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