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Only practice makes it perfect


Math Revolution's 700 level questios pack is challenging and yet promising route to Q50-51. As you subscribe on-demand videos and get used to variable and IVY approahces, you should keep solving the difficult questions by applying their approaches. Without it, it is very likely that you will forget formulas and approaches over time, and so embarrassed at the real exam when faced with difficult questions that you will end up trying to solve the questions without applying Variable and Ivy approaches. I have to admit that the questions are difficult and will discourage you at first. But, over time, you will realize that 700+ level questions that were once uncomfortable become easier ever before. With that confidence that you can solve any 700+ level questions, you can ultimately achieve Q50-51 on the real exam. Just keep subscribing on-demand videos and solving 700+ Level questions. Only practice makes it perfect.

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