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Recommendation for those who want to go beyond Q49.

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Math Revolution's 700 level question pack is very amazing for those who want to get Q49 or above in Math. While subscribing to their on-demand video course, I was getting more and more confident about their unique Variable approach for DS and IVY Approach for PS that I have never seen in the past, and I decided to purchase their 700 level questions. Yes, questions are quite tricky and very tough. If I solve these questions in a typical or conventional way, it will take over 6-8 minutes per question. With Math Revolution's approach, I could solve them within 2 minutes per question. Of course, I had to read solutions for incorrectly answered questions. Another amazing thing is that these types of questions are actually appearing in the actual exam. So, I could feel comfortable when I encountered 700 level questions at the exam. One tip for everyone is that you should learn CMT 3,4 (Common Mistake Type) for DS to achieve Q49 or above. It is a very unique way of solving very hard DS questions taught by Math Revolution. In terms of English, I don't have any issues in understanding solutions. If someone buys it without subscribing to the on-demand video course, they may have some difficulties because Math Revolution's approach is very unique. Taking both an on-demand video course and 700+ questions is highly recommended.

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