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Helped me conquer test anxiety to reach 700+!


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Josh helped me achieve a 700+ score that I honestly didn’t think was possible after struggling with the GMAT for 3 years. In 2018, I took a Manhattan Prep course. After 3 attempts and a private tutor, the highest score I achieved was 610. I gave up feeling defeated and pretty much accepted that I wouldn’t be able to score any higher.

In Dec 2020, I decided to retake the GMAT. I used Target Test Prep exclusively for 12-14 hrs/wk, for 4 months and then decided to try tutoring again to more quickly advance my skills. From our first meeting, Josh impressed me. In our 3 months working together, he taught me various problem-solving strategies that I wasn’t learning with TTP’s algebra-only method. Since I was about 70% done with TTP at the time, our first few sessions focused on whatever TTP topics I was working on at the time. Once I finished TTP, we focused more on official practice sets and exams. I met with him on Zoom for 1.5-2 hrs bi-weekly in the early morning before work, which worked great. We focused mainly on quant at first but also worked on CR and SC.

Beyond the content, I also experienced major anxiety while taking practice tests, which led to much lower scores than my effort would suggest. Josh quickly realized that I wasn’t facing a content problem, but could instead benefit from integrating mindfulness into my studies to reduce my anxiety. After a disappointing fourth official GMAT result, he recommended a mindfulness book specific to standardized tests, and we created a study plan that focused on the quality of my studying, rather than the number of hours spent studying. One month after that, I scored a 710, 130 points higher than my lowest 2018 GMAT attempt. I’m thrilled by my results and am so grateful to Josh for helping me achieve the GMAT score of my dreams!

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