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ARINGO makes the impossible, possible


I think that the most important question all us MBA applicants have in the back of our minds is “Can I get into a top MBA program with a low GMAT score”? My personal experience taught me that it is possible, and I would not have realized it had it not been for the team at ARINGO.

The truth is, GMAT or GRE results are not the only factor an admissions committee take into account when reviewing an application. It’s not even the selling point that would entice them to review the rest of your application. It is simply one out of 8+ factors that help an admissions committee determine whether you are the right fit for that year’s class. By fit, I mean you being able to add value to other students, and make their MBA experience that much more memorable. This is something I did not realise until I started working with ARINGO to strengthen my application, and was the key driver that helped me get into one of the top ranked business schools worldwide with a GRE score that would be the equivalent of 350 on the GMAT.

350 on the GMAT = 6th percentile. This means that 94% of people reading this review, either did, or will receive a better score than I did, and would still be anxious about “not succeeding”. Trust me, there is no point. I cannot emphasise just how big a role every other aspect of your application plays when it comes to selling your candidature to an admissions committee.

A high score on the GMAT or GRE simply means that you have strong critical reasoning skills when put under time constraints. They do not express your logic (when not under the same circumstances as the exam). They also do not express anything about your leadership skills, personality, knowledge etc.; these are some factors which are equally as important in the eyes of an admissions committee, and where ARINGO has an overwhelming amount of knowledge and experience to help put any applicant's best foot forward, ultimately increasing your chances of admittance.

I can only highly vouch for the team at ARINGO for helping me (and I’m sure many others) get into top-ranked dream schools worldwide, by helping us realize, and convey the best versions of ourselves on paper. My consultant specific was Rachel Segal, and I could not be more honoured to have worked with her throughout the entire application process.

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