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Aringo review


I will start with the most important facts: I got a deal for three schools applications with Aringo - Ravit Warsha was my consultant. I have applied to three schools with Ravit's help and to a forth school on my own. All four schools had an average GMAT of 20-33 points above my 660 score. The fact that I got accepted to all three schools I applied to through Aringo (Cornell Tech, HEC Paris, IE), and got rejected from the only school I applied to on my own (Cambridge Judge), is the bottom line.

Ravit was extremely tentative - even in relaxed periods, I don't think I had to wait for more than a few hours for a response. Not to mention when the application deadlines were approaching.

Finally, Hila Yerushalmi from Aringo was very honest with me regarding my expectations and the schools I can get accepted to - together we built a list of schools which were all very challenging for me to get accepted to, but also realistic. I am very thankful for Hila's advise on the schools, and scholarships I chose - aiming as high as possible with my background.

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