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Consultant: Daniel Kim

I come from a nontraditional background, with very limited work experience, but a good amount of entrepreneurship. I turned to ARINGO for help in bringing out the best in my entrepreneurial past to answer the serious, corporate-minded questions that I was asked as part of the admissions process.

First of all, Michelle the CEO heard out my story and gave me solid guidance as to which schools would be a good idea to apply to and which would not (INSEAD, for example, does not take kindly to applicants without much experience.) When I decided on my track (IE, MIF) she matched me with Daniel.

Daniel was a pleasure to work with. He guided me in writing the essays, but in no way took away from my own effort. It was a true iterative process, with him challenging me to be my best all the way through. By the time Daniel was finally pleased with what I had written, I was thrilled with it. And so was the admissions office! I was admitted to IE. Thanks ARINGO!

Eric Ehlert
Marquette University class of 2016
3.3 GPA, 720 GMAT

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