March 20, 2018

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I do not know where to start thanking Aringo.

I was in contact with them for over 3 years, getting free advice on what pre-MBA career to choose to maximize my MBA chances. Eventually, I went to management consulting which strengthened my why MBA story.

During the whole admissions process, Aringo were great. the strategy team helped me decide which schools to apply to and to what career goals to focus on. I ended up applying to 6 business schools, got dinged from 2 and was accepted to 4 (Ross, Kellogg, Booth and Sloan). All 4 came along with various scholarships ranging from $40K to a full scholarship in Chicago.

I could not be happier with my consultant, Gwen, who guided me throughout this process. She is AWESOME!

The main strength of Aringo is an exhaustive holistic review of each and every document. These reviews are done by graduates of these programs and add the inside information that is needed for each application.

I loved working with Aringo, I love the results, It was amazing!

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