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Consultant Shimri

The entire admissions process IS very daunting and albeit I started the essay process with 3 weeks before the R2 admissions deadline (terrible terrible idea). I spoke to a few consulting services, but what really pulled me to Aringo was Shimri's responsiveness (lightening speed) and his brutal honestly! After a brief discussion about my background, he got straight to the point about my chances at my school choices based on my background and he provided me 5 additional schools that he thought I should consider for my future career trajectory. Based on the fact I was starting the process SO late, he also suggested aligning me with a consultant (Shay!) in a time zone that would work best for a quick turnaround. Through the process, Shay was absolutely super and helped me align my scattered thoughts and give my essays direction. His turnaround was so quick [sent him some essays as a New Years eve present :)] and that was the push that I needed to get through the cycle. I also did a mock interview with both Shay and Shimri and the feedback was invaluable. As much as you can read about how to prepare for an interview online, there is nothing that can come close to doing an actual mock with a professional! I am happy to say that I have been accepted to the top school of choice and excited for the Class of 2021!

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