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After my GMAT, I was struggling to make a list of colleges I could apply for and was looking at the application essays for various colleges. I understood that it is very essential to be able to put forth my story effectively in the limited number of words. I wanted someone who has been through the process to work with me on my essays and help me make my essays effective.

I came across August Academy ( on GMAT club. I set up a call with Karthik for an initial discussion. From the first call I was greatly impressed with the honesty and clarity that Karthik had. We had multiple discussions to shortlist colleges. Throughout the discussions he was open about his opinions and played a very important role in setting up my expectations appropriately. This way I knew I was taking a risk by applying to certain colleges and wasn’t bogged down by rejects.

Then comes the best part of the process where Karthik made me answer a large set of questions. This helped him understand who I was personally and professionally. This also gave me a lot of clarity and contributed greatly to the effectiveness of the essays. The fact that I wrote my essays gave me great confidence for the interviews as well. Thanks to Karthik I was not only able to apply to try for colleges that were a stretch for me but also got admitted to ISB HYD after a rejection last year.

What I greatly appreciate Karthik for is that he is a great listener, has a structured process and is always reachable. I started my applications only a couple of weeks before the college deadlines and had multiple calls with Karthik at 1AM in the night. He was also great at defining the priorities for every phase of the admission cycle which helped me attack the important aspects first.

I think if you are looking for someone who would work with you for your applications rather than getting your essays written like a few of the other consultancies do August Academy is a great choice.

Average time for one application-
I was short on time and with help and push from Karthik I was able to satisfactorily finish applications for two colleges in 10 days. So Karthik will greatly help you achieve your goals as long as you are willing to work hard towards it.

Although I thought that price was high initially I now feel I got the value for my money. I not only got an admit in the college I wanted but also added structure to my thought and writing.

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