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Great Experience


The initial consultation session that I had with Karthik from August Academy was enough to convince me that August Academy was the perfect choice. Karthik struck me as very direct, intuitive, responsive and is passionate about helping out candidates. And I absolutely loved working with him through the entire application process.

The process itself was very well-thought out. Even before getting to the essays, there was a very involved “deep dive”. The rubric that Karthik gave me was detailed and allowed me to dig deeper into my past experiences, understand what motivated me, what kind of a leader I was, and what excites me about my future goals. This introspection and discussion really set the base and provided me more clarity on what I wanted out of an MBA. It allowed me to recognize the strengths and quirks that truly differentiated me. And these were things that I was able to strongly leverage in my essays. For the essays, I felt that discussing the essays over calls was so much more effective than looking at offline comments. And unlike many other firms that have a limit on 2-3 iterations, Karthik was ready to take as many of these calls as needed to make the drafts perfect.

One very important thing to note before going in is that you are going to be dealing with an “admissions consultant” and not an “essay editor.” Karthik is not going to change your writing style or modify the vocabulary a lot. But he is going to give you great advice on how best to structure your essays, what the aspects of yourself you should highlight, what anecdotes and life experiences fit in well – all in all make sure that you put your best foot forward. And this is what makes an essay good!

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