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For me, the best part of the entire August Academy experience was the opportunity to make Karthik’s acquaintance and work with him. I won’t bother listing out his accomplishments as I believe his profile speaks for itself, but what it doesn’t tell you is that he is a genuine & sincere individual who has your best interests at heart. He won’t sugar-coat the truth to keep your business, but at the same time he has a nuanced way of delivering it which won’t crush your confidence.

I worked with Karthik on 4 applications to Top 10 US schools which led to 3 interviews and an offer with a significant scholarship. I was also waitlisted at one school and am awaiting the results of another. This has reinforced my opinion that Karthik has his finger on the pulse of the MBA admissions world and is usually very accurate in predicting your chances of getting in. He also enforces a process when you begin your journey with him that will allow you to examine all your priorities and what you really want to do post MBA.

He is very approachable and uses all the latest tools in tech to make your collaboration intuitive and comfortable. Bear in mind, you will still have to put in the work yourself (no consultant worth their salt will do it for you), but the tools allow for a very fast turnaround time for feedback. This was great as I was doing my applications during a fairly strenuous period at work and managed to complete them well within the deadlines, without impacting my work output.

Finally, my advice to anyone looking at August Academy would be this – if you want as yes man that will tell you how great your profile is you’ve just wasted 2 mins of your life reading this. However, if you want to be intellectually challenged and pushed by someone who is both passionate and practical, Karthik is one of the best out there.

Rahul Kanathala,

Operations Analyst, Argyle Diamonds, Australia.

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