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A Honest & Expert Admission Consultancy


I availed Karthik's admission consultancy service during application cycle of 2016-2017. I applied to seven B-Schools in the US under the guidance of Karthik. Out of seven, I was interviewed in six colleges. Eventually, I got admit offers in four B-School with scholarships and was waitlisted in two Schools.

As I worked on my application with Karthik and as I got to know him better, I found Karthik brilliant and expert in the application process. He knows inside-outside of admission committee mindset, helping me to streamline my thoughts while I was writing essays and tweaking CV for B-School applications. He also trained me for interview preparations and navigated me through scholarship negotiation process with schools. I also found him very honest in his commitment and disciplined in essay review approach. He helped me to structure my story, making it very compelling to the schools. Among my four B-Schools admits, I am joining the Ross Michigan. The credit for landing up at one of the top US B-Schools, I completely give to Karthik because of his tremendous efforts he has put in my application process. The biggest factor with him was that he motivated me to apply those colleges in which I thought I have no chance of getting an admit, but eventually, I got an admit at Ross.

Overall I will say that if you want yourself to be saved from many ridiculously poor services offered by many admission consultancies available on the net and looking for real expert, Karthik is the only person for your quest. My suggestion for future applicants is that please do not go for unverified B-School admission consultancies. Also, do thorough research for the genuine person; I found Karthik after lots of pain. Many unscrupulous consultants are expert in marketing their services and are putting fake results on their websites with dubious feedbacks and reviews. If you fall for their marketing gimmick, you may ruin your application cycle

My experience says that you have to put as much as efforts in finding the right consultant as you have to put in the whole application process.

Best of Luck!

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