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I got to know about August Academy through their rave reviews on Gmat Club. Though I was in touch with another consultant at the time, talking to Karthik for the first time made the decision a no-brainer. With Karthik’s help, I applied to 5 of top 20 business schools and got an interview invite from each one of them. Here are few highlights from my application experience with Karthik -

• Karthik really knows his business. He is very organized and committed. This ensured that no part of the application is overlooked.
• The most important part of the application process is introspection - knowing the best and worst of you. Thus Karthik prioritized this first (through a list of starter files) before I even finalized my list of schools.
• Before starting to write any essays, we would discuss each question in the application. His thoughts on how to structure the essays based on my profile were immensely helpful while I took the first step (always the hardest).
• Karthik put emphasis on adding a personal touch to essays which I feel is essential to differentiate your essay in the herd.
• Though he didn't spoonfeed (write any part of the essays), he always pushed me (and told how) to take the essays from good to the better.
• Karthik shared great insights into the interview process as well as discussed what we can expect from each specific interviewer so that I was as well prepared as possible.

Overall, I enjoyed working with Karthik. He is a good motivator and always has a few life tips handy to make you feel better.

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