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I got into my dream school!


Karthik is incredibly easy to work with, and despite the fact that we lived in completely different parts of Asia, Karthik was readily available and an absolute pleasure to work with. He makes your thought process and outline for your essays easier by helping you to get organized - once you organize your thoughts with the right frame of mind that Karthik provides you with, it will be a breeze to work on your essays.

Considering that we applied to many MBA programs in such a short amount of time (10 programs in a span of a month!), I'm impressed that Karthik and I were able to pull it off - that's how effective how he helps you to organize MBA application process and thoughts. He's also very easy to get in touch with, and considering that we lived so far apart, we were able to meet (via Skype) as often as we did, was a very pleasant surprise.

I'm always surprised by Karthik's willingness to sink in so much time to his students, and his dedication to each one of us. He really does care about your success that despite the timezone difference, he was willing to put in so much effort to helping each individual succeed. I bothered Karthik soooooo many times about being fretty and stressed during the process, and despite that, he pulled through and helped me through stressful times.

He also helped me so much through the interview process, and we completed 5 successful interviews!

I was waitlisted in Round 2 for the school of my dreams and Karthik also helped me through the WL process. I ultimately got into the Top 10 school of my dreams with scholarship and I really thank Karthik for that.

I would recommend Karthik for people who aren't really sure how to put together their story, despite having a large pool of stories to tell; Karthik will help you to navigate your narrative and ultimately to your destination.

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