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An investment which was worth the money


I took my GMAT quite late last year. Round 1 of application was over for all colleges and round 2 deadlines were approaching fast. Meanwhile I had not done any research for schools and programs. During this time I came to know about Karthik from gmatclub. I approached him, but since he was busy I decided to go with another company. That was a bad decision. They did a shoddy job for few of my applications and I realized it in time. For the rest 3 applications, I again approached Karthik, since I liked his no-nonsense but wise approach from our last conversation. This really was a game changer. He goaded and guided me in my application process, especially in essays. I was finally interviewed by two of the programs and got offer from one of them. Good thing about Karthik is that he really understands the essay topics and then guides you to write accordingly in your own language. His feedback is extremely helpful. I come from a technical background and my resume reflected that with lots of technical jargon. He helped me in cleaning the clutter in my resume and bringing the significance of roles in terms of quantifiable business goals.

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