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The Go To Consultant for Indian Engineers


If you’re an Indian Engineer looking to get into business school, August Academy should be your go-to consultant. As an overrepresented minority looking to stand out from the sea of applicants, you need someone who can help you position and highlight your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. Karthik understands the challenges of trying to make the career switch from engineering to business, and helps you create your own unique story.

After my first consultation with Karthik, I was convinced that he could help me create a successful application. He does not immediately dive in with a set list of colleges, but makes you introspect about your goals and ambitions and your own “why MBA” story first. His series of starter essays forces you to think about your strengths, weaknesses and motivations and he uses these to get a clearer picture of your personality and candidature. He also provides honest and objective feedback so you understand what areas of your application would need more focus. This exercise also helped me structure my own thoughts and I found myself returning to these notes as I worked on my application essays. He then helps you research and shortlist the right schools for you, and even guides you on how to network with students at your preferred schools. Once you get started, he helps you dig deep and choose the best stories for each essay, and gives you clear and honest critique on your writing. Do not expect him to handhold you through your essay writing (you must write your essays yourself), but rest assured that you will be receiving in-depth notes and comments on your essays well past midnight.

The B School admissions process can be gruelling and exhausting, but Karthik ensures that you stay positive and encouraged through this period. He also helped me prep for my interview, and calmed my nerves by making me walk through all kinds of behavioural questions. The interview prep turned into an insightful discussion of my eventual goals after MBA. As an automobile engineer, I was glad for the guidance in this respect, as this gave me a glimpse of how I could leverage my skills in the future.

Karthik has been instrumental in my success in the application process. He is clear, to-the-point and dedicated. I would strongly recommend him to any prospective MBA candidates.

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