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The best consultant for the overrepresented category.


Show, don’t tell – This quote sums up my experience working with Karthik.

I failed to secure interviews in the previous admissions season, so I decided to work with a consultant this season. In the initial brainstorming call itself, I could see Karthik’s expertise on profile evaluation and school selection. He is very realistic about the profile evaluation – a quality only found only in top tier consultants.

The entire process is well structured. I was able to retrospect and scope out many experiences that I would have otherwise ignored. Additionally, I was able to refer back to these experiences throughout the process and pick up stories that would better fit the application. We went through multiple rounds of resume reviews, and I was surprised by the quality of the end product. Karthik’s tips helped me to highlight the stellar aspects of my profile in the resume. I really enjoyed our conversations during these calls, and I found that, for reasons unknown to me, I was able to think of ideas and approaches to essays that I would have otherwise not even considered.

For each essay, we created a structure during the call and discussed the various aspects that must be highlighted. Karthik patiently reviewed the essays multiple times, scrutinizing each sentence and evaluating if the sentence has any value add – I believe this a trait that only comes with experience. The mock interviews were vital and helped me prepare and present the best version of me during the actual interview. I was also blown away by some of the tool used throughout the entire process.

What I really liked about working with Karthik is that the onus is on the applicant to take the initiative and do the required research/network. It is like a Pre-MBA Crash Course, and the process very essential to learn and experience.

Karthik’s results speak for themselves. I’ve already secured an admit at a top 20 school, and I hopefully have another one on the way. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take up Karthik’s guidance in helping with the application, especially for folks from the overrepresented category.

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