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I gave my GMAT in July 2018 and secured an average 710.

Up till then, I had thought that GMAT was the biggest challenge and rest everything else would be easy in comparison. However, that is not the case and I soon came to realize that I would be needing all the help I could get to make it to the schools I was targeting. The B-School application is a holistic process and it requires that you look back and introspect. In my opinion, the entire application process kind of gives you a little taste of what B-School will be like. I finally decided to approach Karthik from August Academy and quickly realized that I had made the right decision.

Karthik has a very systematic way of working which is designed to draw out the best in everyone he works with. He quickly grasped my strengths, weaknesses, personality and the way I approached problems.

Karthik pushed me to look at my life and think about all my different experiences, small and big, and their impact on me. I never would have thought about those things myself, honestly - I did not know I had such interesting stories to tell.

Karthik also would never try to influence or embellish my essays. My words, language, writing style and stories were all mine. Authentic and original. We would go back and forth until we found the ‘perfect fit’

Karthik is also very professional while being understanding at the same time - this is something I admire very much about him. There were times when I would freak out about one thing or the other and I also know it as a fact that I could not have been an easy client to work with and could be very stiff at times but Karthik was very accommodating and encouraged me to do my best and not let any setback affect me. He also ensured that each of my applications was of the highest quality.

I now have an admit from one of my top choices with an 80% scholarship and am awaiting results for a few other schools. Karthik truly helped me to portray the best version of myself. I couldn’t be happier with the results and would strongly recommend August Academy if you truly wish to give your MBA applications your best shot!!

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