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Great Experience!


Securing a place at a top business school isn’t just about a good GMAT score. It is a comprehensive evaluation in which you need to highlight your candidacy through multiple application elements such as essays, recommendations, resume and finally an interview. I realized this pretty early on after speaking to my friends who were studying at business schools and can attest to it after spending almost six months going through this grueling process myself.

The silver lining in this entire experience was that I had Karthik guiding me all along. Generically, as Indians, we start our school research pretty late unlike our western counterparts. Thus, quite a few of us may end up applying to schools based on flawed assumptions and without solid understanding of our own potential. Karthik helps to really calibrate our school selection based on his prior experience of working with students having similar profiles and does a fabulous job at that. His insights are truly amazing!

There were two things that I absolutely loved about working with Karthik. First, the brainstorming session which was conducted before beginning work on my essays. This really helped me to understand the essay statement, the structure in which I should answer and also select the stories to highlight. I found myself being forced to think on the experiences which were to be written about, which in my opinion is the most challenging and important part of an essay. Later on, Karthik ensured that my essays underwent multiple revisions (all words mine), gently nudging me in the right direction until we were both happy with the final outcome. By the end of working on my first school, my personal motto had become: “Make your essays bleed”. That’s the only way you’re getting Karthik’s approval!

Second, the use of Asana. This tool helped us to keep a track of our progress online (and on the go via a mobile app) while not getting bogged down with the multiple activities going on simultaneously. This tool kept me on my toes with automated reminders for finishing/ scheduling multiple tasks. He adhered to his set timelines and I always received a prompt response, which sometimes led me to question myself, when does he sleep? Haha!

I also had a fabulous time working with him on my interview prep, the most crucial part of which was to understand the question being asked. He really drilled this point home and as a result I was fortunate to have a 100% interview conversion rate.

Working with him, I have admits from three top 20 US schools and in his words it is a good problem to have in deciding which one to attend! This is the quintessential Karthik, always understanding and practical. I now realize that I have not only successfully negotiated the mysterious admissions process but also gained a friend and mentor for life!

I will strongly recommend him for any future applicants. Trust me, you’ll have a great time working alongside him!

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