October 31, 2019

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Best in the business : a Guide and Friend more than a Consultant


After having unsuccessful admission round 2 in 2018, I reached out to Karthik to work with three schools in Round 1 2019. I found him very understanding and helpful person. He was very systematic in his approach and knew what he was doing, what the applicants’ strengths were and how to leverage them.

We started working on Resume and he made sure that every bullet point highlighted my key strengths and impact I had at work and in community involvement. After Resume we started working on essays. What I really liked about him was that he ensured that every word in essay was making sense and answered the question that was asked in essay. Sometime as applicant, one starts to use flashy words hoping that they would impress adcom but he made sure that I did not fall into that trap.

He really helped me in structuring my essays and we were able to highlight the right aspects of my background and tell a meaningful and authentic story. Apart from his essay and resume review, he also conducted webinars with adcoms of top B schools which I felt allowed me to know more about those schools on more personal level. He conducted live sessions on resume, essay and career goals etc. with his other clients and I really leveraged those sessions to make my application stronger.

After going through one unsuccessful and one successful application process I can say that it is because of his meticulous and committed efforts I could get admit from Duke Fuqua - my top choice. I would encourage prospective applicant who is looking for not just a MBA consultant but a guide, mentor and most importantly friend to work with Karthik. I am glad to have him on my side.

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