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One of the Best MBA Admissions Consultant


The decision to pursue an MBA from a top US B-school was made by me in late August of 2020. Having not prepared for GMAT or applied to international B-schools previously, I needed a mentor who could guide me through the arduous end-to-end process of b-school applications.

In my introductory call with Karthik, I was particularly impressed by how quickly he could understand my case and motivations, and propose a clear plan of action. Karthik is very structured and professional in his communication style. Unlike many admissions consultants who come across as salesmen during the initial discussions with candidates, Karthik shared with me a realistic view of what could and could not be achieved within the available timelines and with my profile. Furthermore, Karthik’s exemplary personal qualifications and credibility of August Academy’s as an AIGAC member along with the opportunity to directly work with Karthik convinced me to enroll for his services.

I worked with Karthik on a 5-school package. Karthik adopts a very structured approach to the entire application process and breaks it down into several smaller modules which makes it easier for candidates to work upon efficiently. Additionally, usage of project management tools such as Asana supports this approach further.

The key value add that Karthik brings is his ability to break down a college essay question into what it exactly asks for and what it does not. This is particularly important as most essay questions have word limits and the worst mistake an applicant can make is frame the best answer for the wrong question. Having worked with him on applications for 4 of the top 5 US B-schools and another top 10 B-school, I was able to secure interview invites from 4 of the 5 schools. The stories and essay answers drafted for these colleges allowed me to apply to several other top 15 US B-schools in round 2 itself. This would not have been possible without Karthik’s mentorship and guidance and throughout the process.

I ended up interviewing for 9 schools and secured admits to 5 B-schools with hefty scholarships in few of them. Additionally, I was waitlisted in 2 of the top 5 B-schools. I have decided to enroll at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley due to a strong fit with the school culture and with my career goals. This is a school which I may not have applied to in the first place, due to its small batch size and high selectivity, had it not been for Karthik who recommended me to apply despite the challenges.

I would highly recommend Karthik and August Academy to all serious MBA aspirants who are seeking sincere and honest guidance to help them secure admits to top global B-schools. He is not someone who will write your essays or draft your resumes. Rather Karthik would act as a sounding board to efficiently guide you throughout the application process.

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