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Highly Recommend Karthik and August Academy!


I have only great things to say about working with Karthik. Firstly, Karthik took the time to understand my background, work experience, and career goals. Karthik then worked with me on selecting various schools based on my aspirations and helped set realistic targets. Karthik is extremely systematic and asked me to believe in the process as this was the only factor I controlled. He was there every step of the way and guided me through any questions or doubts that I had. Through my application journey, Karthik made me firmly believe that a good process leads to good results.

Karthik helped refine my resume to make it very effective by simplifying a lot of the industry jargon and highlighting my best accomplishments. Through the brainstorming sessions with Karthik, I was able to bring out my most compelling stories for each of the essays, and one of the biggest benefits was his ability to view my overall application. Karthik also offered an MBA Admissions Masterclass, which I found immensely beneficial in understanding all the various aspects of putting together a great application. Karthik was really a coach, a guide, and a friend. With Karthik’s guidance and expertise, I was able to get into a top business school with a good scholarship. I wholeheartedly recommend Karthik Palaniappan and August Academy to everyone looking for a top consultant to help them get into a great MBA program.

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