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August Academy Testimonial


As I was approaching my MBA applications, I knew I needed a good strategy right from deciding on the right colleges all the way to my admissions. I wanted to do it right the first time. I attended Karthik’s free webinar and had a free call with him. After speaking to him, I was pretty sure that I would definitely benefit from his advice on my MBA journey.

Karthik always gave me the right advice at the right time throughout my tumultuous journey of the application process. His brainstorming sessions were an eye opener as I recollected my life stories and learnt to use the right stories for the essay questions. The best thing about the whole process is that I authored all my essays using his structured advice. His sound comments made a rough initial draft to a polished final draft after multiple revisions. The use of the Asana platform also made the full process organized and systematic.

Another goldmine are his MBA Masterclasses which give new applicants a foundation knowledge on various aspects of the MBA application such as crafting a proper resume, preparing elevator pitches, answering the ‘Why MBA?’ question, setting up your LinkedIn profile, goals essays, video essays.

As I worked with him, I got interview calls from Tepper, McDonough, McCombs and eventually got admits from all of them, that too with scholarships of 50k USD from Tepper, 30k USD from McDonough and 10k USD from McCombs. As I worked with him for the above colleges, I used the experience gained to write the essays for ISB and Kelley and was able to get admit from ISB and an interview from Kelley as well.

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