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Excellent mentor

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I had been involved in dramatics during my college days. When our college was participating in an inter-college skit competition a coach was hired by the college to train the team. On the first day he gave us a situation and asked us to prepare a skit. This was repeated everyday for two weeks.

With the competition fast approaching we were getting tense and asked him about the script for the competition. To our surprise he told us that he does not have a script and we had to prepare one. We were furious and asked him if that was the case then why did he waste our time. He then asked us to prepare the skit using the best parts from all the skits that we had performed in the last two weeks. the result was a skit that eventually won us the first prize.

The methodology adopted by Karthik from August Academy is similar to the one stated above. His starter files push you to introspect deep into your life and become a ready reckoner for your essays. Karthik will show you the path and guide you when you veer away from it. His commitment can be gauged from the fact that he took a brainstorming session with me from the hospital when his father was hospitalised as the deadline for HKS was approaching.

I would be indebted to karthik especially for the selection of schools. Even though I had a decent GMAT score of 730 I was an outlier in terms of experience with over 13 years of experience. He carefully analysed my profile and suggested Harvard Kennedy school as one of the schools to me even though I had approached him for B-schools. He was pretty candid and blunt about my chances and told me about the points that did not work in my favour. And true to his prediction I was able to convert only HKS.

I would recommend August Academy to anyone looking to apply to top B-schools and I wish Karthik the very best in his future endeavours.

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