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Having achieved my target GMAT score, I started looking at b-schools and the application process. I was of the strong opinion that I won't take help of a consultant and will navigate the entire process on my own. It didn't take much time to realise that the process is complex and overwhelming. I felt clueless and don't know where to start. I researched online for help. I found popular resources such as Applicant Lab and admission consultancies but they didn't seem like the right choice.

That's when I stumbled across a YouTube video of Karthik giving an overview on bschool application process and strategy for Indian students. The video explained in layman terms the application process, what the schools look for in applicants, and how to approach the goals and other essays. The 1 hour video helped me understand more about the application process than my 2 weeks of own research.

I then decided to schedule a 30 minute consultation with Karthik. Karthik provided a brief and transparent overview of schools I can target, goals, and the consulting process. Karthik shared his honest thoughts on schools I can potentially target, something I did not receive in my conversations with other consultants. I finally took a 5 school package and looking back, it feels like the right decision I have made.

The profile review sessions, essay edits, goals discussions, school selection - all helped me present my best application to my target schools. Karthik played the role of a perfect coach. He asked the right questions - which helped me understand my motivations behind pursuing MBA. He provided multiple examples, reviewed multiple versions of my resume, explained about highlighting impact till we finally develop a good one.

B-schools want applicants to share their authentic self in the essays, something possible only if applicants write their own story. But it is not easy to do so on our own. You need to understand what the college is looking for in that essay. You need to share your own experiences and should not copy another experience or writing style. And you need to show the impact of that experience. Enter Kartik. Karthik explains what college wants to know about the candidate through an essay and then gave a brief overview of how I should structure my essay. Then it is for me to write the complete essay. Karthik reviews the essay multiple times and provides suggestions on what to improve. However, he never wrote my essays or provided an essay template I can follow. He is committed to helping you present your true self in the application process and succeed. Working with a consultant who is committed to your success was hugely motivating for me. As consultants typically work with several applicants, it is easy to provide general advice and share a general template which everyone can follow. But kartik is genuinely interested in your success. He always spent time and provided personalised feedback even when times were difficult for him.

It was very tough in the initial stages as it is not easy to become a great writer all of a sudden.

After days of thinking, I was able to write only one impactful paragraph. However, I trusted the process kartik employed. After a few weeks, I started to see the improvement. Kartik's suggestions and the questions he asks helped me frame authentic essays. I got interview invites from 4 schools out of the 5 target schools I applied. I was able to convert my interview invite to an admission offer with 70k scholarship. I am positive this would not have been possible without guidance and motivation from Kartik.

To Summarise, the application process is strenuous. Unless you are confident and write good essays, you need a good coach who can guide you and motivate you to successfully navigate the process. You cannot ask for a better coach than Kartik to help you with the process. He is committed to your success and helps present your best authentic version to the admissions committee. Trust the process Kartik employs, follow the guidelines, and you will succeed.

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