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January 10 | 2013
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Yes - got into all

This review is for: Admissionado * Basic

I had my essays reviewed.

Positives first:
+ Quick turnaround. Usually 24 hours.

Not positives:
- Correcter's corrections were just so so. They provided some good comments but overall just mediocre. I expected something much more for the 700 or so dollars that I paid. Also the correcting person missed some obvious errors. I caught them after the final review. Because I did not feel comfortable with their corrections I worked with another consultant afterwards.
- The correcting person does not hold an MBA

- If you are short on time and have no other choice I recommend working with them as it is quick and easy. However, I think it is better to work with someone who holds an MBA degree and is a good writer.

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Created by JonAdmissionado

January 18, 2013

Hey man, it breaks my heart to read this review. Jon Frank here, CEO of Admissionado.

To me dude, nothing is more important than customer service and keeping our clients (who often become good friends) 100% happy. This is the norm around here... I wish you had let us know that you weren't happy while we were working together brother. We would have responded immediately--we've got your back bro!

The truth is, I agree with you 100%, it is aaaalways better to work directly with an elite MBA expert. That's the other part that breaks my heart, if you'd signed up for the Junior Deluxe or Deluxe packages instead of the Basic service, you WOULD have worked with one of our MBAs. Most folks who choose the Basic do so bc of the price, and bc they consider themselves further along with their stories/higher-level content (our Basic service pairs you up with an editor instead of an MBA, on purpose, to meet those needs)----but I actually agree with you, working with an MBA to solidify bigger picture concepts is ideal, there's no substitute for it.

And that's part of why I am so sad to read the review--we DO offer the exact service that you describe wanting. : (

We'd like to give that to you. I want to apologize personally for not meeting your expectations and I want to make it right for you my friend. We'll do whatever we can to turn this around and make sure you're happy and confident with your work. Please reach out to me personally ( and we'll make it up to you... on the house. We are here for you, dude, and ready to help however we can!

Let us know what more we can do---we look forward to hearing from you,

Jon Frank
Founder, Admissionado
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