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From our first conversation Graham had a knack for opening me up and teasing out stories from my past that I hadn’t thought of in years. His open style allowed us to cover a large range of topics before honing in on what was really important to me and therefore what belonged in my application. Graham was consistent and reliable throughout all of our many conversations and we had a personal relationship that enabled us to speak of many things outside of my MBA. He even met me in person when I visited my target school. In addition to advice about my application Graham introduced me to several of his contacts in my chosen industry to whom I was able to speak prior to submitting my applications. Crucially these were people in senior positions that could give valuable, thought provoking insight.

In terms of the MBA application specifically Graham’s knowledge was particularly useful from two perspectives. Firstly he helped me maximise the value of every word in my essays. Secondly he knew exactly what the different admissions committees would and wouldn’t like from a cultural perspective, which was particularly useful as an international student because it ensured that my sense of humour came across as a strength rather than a liability.

I got in to my top-10 target school and will be starting next year! Looking back now from the end of the line I struggle to find fault with how Graham handled the entire process and can only express my thanks for everything he has done for me.

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