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After informational conversations with various consultants, I decided to collaborate with Graham because I felt that he will give me the personalized help and guidance I needed. Even in the initial conversations with him, I was surprised how well Graham was able to help me recognize and reveal personal characteristics and skills and integrate them into a conclusive Personal Brand. Creating a Personal Brand was essential in articulating and presenting myself in an authentic, consistent, and compelling manner throughout all essays and interviews. In addition, I feel that collaborating with Graham helped me be more aware of myself and that the advantage of this increased self-awareness goes far beyond an admission offer from an elite MBA program. It will help me be a more responsible, empathic, and wise partner and leader for others. In the end, I was admitted to several elite MBA programs. After placing me on its waiting list, my most favorite MBA program also gave me an admission offer that included a generous scholarship. I want to thank Graham for his great advice and encouragement that made this accomplishment possible and that let me grow both professionally and personally.

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