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August 27 | 2014
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I worked with Denise, from MAC Approved, during my application process.

While conducting my due diligence on various consulting firms, I was initially disappointed. My first experience was with a representative from another firm. I felt that the call was rushed and that the rep did not truly review my profile before making a judgement on my application's potential success and failure. The representative discouraged me from applying to my top choice and instead attempted to encourage me to make my backup option my top choice. Moreover, the rep suggested a few other alternatives that were much lower ranked and not options I ever considered or would have desired attending. I left this interaction feeling discouraged and began to question my own application success.

I decided to continue looking at other firms, and soon after met Denise and could not have been happier. Denise spent the time reviewing my profile as a whole and spent a significant amount of time discussing my options. Ultimately she encouraged me to apply not only to my initial choices of NYU Stern and Georgetown, but to consider applying to Booth and Kellogg. I was accepted at all the schools in which I applied. Moreover, I was very happy with Denise as a guide through such a stressful process. Denise took the time to really connect with me as an applicant and review every part of my profile. We worked together to brainstorm on ideas and highlight those strengths identified to put my "best foot forward."

For anyone looking to hire an application consultant, I would strongly suggest taking a look at MAC Approved and to work with Denise.

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