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February 13 | 2013
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Consultant: Caryn

I'm not sure I would have had success with my business school applications had it not been for Caryn. She was an easy choice after a phone conversation- she gave me the immediate sense that she knew what she was talking about in all application aspects, unlike some other consultants from other firms I had spoken to. I didn't even know where to begin, and she was able to provide me with a reasonable schedule so that I could finish applications to 4 schools in about two months. I was plagued with the fear that I'd be a very generic consulting candidate, and she was hugely helpful in identifying the best essay topics that would showcase a variety of my unique experiences. Perhaps most importantly, our mock interviews together made me a million times more comfortable and confident when it came to the real thing!

It was such a relief working with someone whose opinion I knew I could trust throughout the process. I now have admissions offers to choose from as well as two scholarship opportunities!

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