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Consultant: Caryn

I didn't have a very high GMAT score and even though I had a strong resume I would have never been able to be admitted to 3 out of 3 top schools (2 with scholarship offers) without the outstanding guidance and help of Caryn Altman, consultant for Stacy Blackman Consulting.

Right from the first phone call, she made me comfortable with her always very positive attitude, which supported me all the way to my decision on which admission offer to accept. At the very beginning, she immediately understood my situation and identified the strengths that I needed to highlight in my application. Her insights and tips on the essays made my application strong and made it stand out in front of the schools' admission committees. Lastly, her tips during the mock interview were of unique value as I nailed all three interviews.

I strongly recommend SBC and in particular Caryn Altman, who I will never be able to thank enough for helping me through this decisive moment of my professional career.

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