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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - school of my dreams

I worked with Stacy Blackman's team on my applications to four schools and was admitted to two of them (MIT and Stanford). Walter was my consultant and I was extremely happy with the work we did together.

While I was a bit dubious of using an outside consultant I would have to say I was also somewhat desperate for guidance. I did not have people in my circle who could guide me and did not feel that I could find expert and truly reliable information on my own. I also wanted personalized guidance beyond what I could find in a book etc...

Walter was amazing to work with - calm, very informed, turnaround time was excellent and an overall truly nice guy. He made the difference in my application and made the process less of a roller coaster. Writing that initial check was excruciating - I will not deny, but i truly felt that Walter and the firm earned their fee many times over.

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