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May 18 | 2013
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I was referred to Stacy Blackman Consulting by a friend at Sloan. I had several free consultations with various companies, but felt best about Stacy Blackman based on competency and chemistry. As a younger candidate from a non-traditional business background, I was unsure whether I would be accepted to business school, let alone a top school.

My first discussions were with Esther, who was wonderful and got me off to a great start. I ultimately chose Lisa to be my consultant, and it turned out to be a great fit. I purchased a five-school package and applied to four schools independently.

From the beginning, Lisa was an incredible coach and cheerleader. She helped me focus and understand how to clearly present my unique background and strengths in leadership, research, and academia, in a way that bschools would appreciate. She was invaluable in helping me refine my resume and stories. She advised me not only about what to include, but what not to include in my essays and interview. She took the time for several phone conversations when I felt email correspondence wasn’t enough. There were a few periods when my job became especially hectic and I procrastinated on applications. Lisa would considerately check in and helped keep me motivated and on track. She provided advice and pep talks before each of my interviews, which helped me prepare well and feel confident.

Lisa was a pleasure to work with. She is intelligent, extremely professional, insightful, highly reliable, timely, and has a great sense of humor. I was accepted to five schools, four of them with scholarships. I am going to a top 15 school next year. Beyond the ranking, it is a school I am thrilled about attending because it is such a fantastic fit. I highly recommend SBC.

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