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I can remember spending so many hours sifting through the blogs and speaking with different consultants. The moment I spoke with the rep at SB, I knew I was finally being heard. No sales pitch, just a direct and thoughtful analysis that assured me I had a dedicated and honest partner. It was hard to decide to spend the 3-school package rate. I initially was going to have a friend of mine review my essays. But, I realized that the investment cost of B school was too great not to give myself every advantage. I had two friends last year that applied to many schools and were rejected across the board. I was already on the older side (2007 college grad) so I needed to get this right the first time! I spoke with Esther initially and she methodically explained how the engagement works and shared initial ideas of how my profile compared with others. She partnered me with Carol because of her Admissions Office experience. Carol was a true professional. There's a wealth of knowledge she poured into every aspect of my candidacy. Not a lot of hovering from Carol and that worked for my style because I am super organized. She took calls from me, as needed and answered countless questions of mine almost 24/7. Another consultant, Lisa, was brought in for a review of my Columbia app and Lisa's feedback was incredibly helpful. I was accepted to Columbia, Wharton and Booth and have decided on Wharton!

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