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Overwhelmed. That's how I felt when I started to plan my B school path. I had so many stories I wanted to convey and just didn't know how to assemble them together within the minimal words within the essays. So, I figured I would get some free advice with an initial 30-minute consult. Well, 3 days later I signed up for a 4-school comp with Stacy Blackman. I had NO idea how much I didn't know until that free consult with Julie. It was humbling and empowering because I realized that other applicants were benefiting from a partner and I deserved that edge, too. Margaret was my main partner throughout the 8-month relationship and she was incredible. She views the candidacy as a strategy that includes far more than the resume, rec letters, and essays. She coached me on everything, including interfacing with the school representatives during campus visits and additional work I needed (an online writing course, leadership in my community service). I feel like I worked hard during the application process and came away with not only admissions but also greater clarity on my own purpose! Margaret was my lead and I also had Caryn sharing her feedback on my first app. Caryn had been in AdComm before so her perspective refined my applications nicely. I had to choose between MIT and Haas and chose Sloan. I recommend SB's services wholeheartedly and without reservation.

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