Thank Goodness for Caryn!
July 16 | 2014
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Some, but not all

Consultant: Caryn

I am so grateful to have worked with Caryn on my business school applications. I was a completely naive applicant before Caryn clued me in to all the nuances of MBA applications I would never have known otherwise. I began working with Caryn several months before applications were due and thank goodness, because it took a very long time for us to develop and refine my career goals, but with Caryn's help, they eventually evolved to be well structured and consistent with my past experiences. We went through many many revisions of my resume, essays, and data forms, and Caryn was attentive and helpful throughout the entire process. I especially appreciated her honesty regarding my selection of schools. She made sure I had a good range of schools from stretch to safety, and that I picked only schools I'd be happy attending.
Mostly, I appreciated having Caryn available for all the random, minute questions that constantly popped through my head during the process. Caryn always had a good answer and her knowledge of the process and insight into adcom helped keep my anxiety down and allowed me to focus on the goal. Thank goodness for Caryn!

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