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CUHK MBA - Must have MBA!


This review is for CUHK

Program Full time MBA

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Experience during the program

Hello everyone,

I was admitted to the CUHK full time MBA in 2016. Its the oldest and one of the most renowned MBA program in Asia and has a strong alumni base. The school offers 3 careers treks for completing the MBA course - 10 months (shortest), 12 months (includes summer term) or 16 months ( International Exchange Program).

My experiences in the Mba program were truly enriching. I was a part of a small cohort comprising of talented individuals from 14 different nations. Average batch work experience was around 5.5 years and hence we had a healthy class participation. It was interesting to hear the personal and professional experiences of my colleagues and to contribute to the classroom discussion.

The Faculty at CUHK is highly international and they come with rich industry experiences - Banking, Marketing and Consulting.

Most importantly, the location of the school is highly strategic, its located on the gateway to China. Throughout the course of the program, the school organises multiple guest lectures and company visits to connect students with the leading industry leaders. As Hong Kong has become a Fin-tech HUB, I had ample opportunities to meet intelligent startups and discuss about the future technology landscape and the disruption it would bring to the industry. Our discussions revolved mostly around Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, AI.

I feel fortunate to have pursued my MBA in this part of the world, as I would like to make a career in digital technologies post my education.

In terms of career opportunities, the school helps connect students with potential employers and identifies suitable internship and full time roles. The career advisors are highly experienced and thoughtful.

One thing I would like to highlight is the advantage of learning Mandarin (Putonghua) if you plan to take up a MBA in Hong Kong / China. Learning a language is always fun and if you could at least spend sometime prior to joining the program would be highly beneficial and recommended. Don't take me wrong, learning mandarin is not a mandate but if you could do so, it would increase the number of career opportunities sitting for you guys.

I hope you guys got some fair idea about the MBA program with CUHK and I wish you good luck for your careers ahead!

Overall BSchool experience (4.0)
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Curriculum, Classes, Professors
Admissions Team

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