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Experience at Darden
October 20 | 2016
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Full Time MBA

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Experience during the program

GMAT: 730
GPA: 3.2
Recruitment Interest: Consulting, Entrepreneurship
Background: Finance at a large US bank
Other Schools Accepted into: Johnson, Kenan-Flagler, McDonough

Once I visited Darden it quickly became my top choice during the admissions process. The culture is incredible. It is a smaller school which creates a very tight knit student body. Charlottesville is pretty great as well. A lot of trips to the breweries and vineyards (I highly recommend King's Family Vineyard). The weather is far nicer than the northeast (where I am from), which allows us to be outside a great deal.

My classmates are all extremely accomplished, but I never feel like I don't belong here. Rarely have I met someone who I dislike. Admissions does a great job screening applicants in order to accept only students who will be a good fit here. You learn to lean on your classmates a lot, whether it is going over cases before class or during recruiting events. Second years and faculty are always willing to lend a hand if you ask.

About professors, classes and curriculum

As you probably know, Darden is all about the case method. It's a rigorous curriculum compared to most other schools, but you certainly feel like you are learning a ton. On top of the "hard" skills you learn, the case method also teaches you a ton of "soft" skills such as thinking on your feet and teamwork with your learning team and section. I have talked to many students from other business schools and they all have a great deal of respect for the amount of work we put in to be here. I truly believe that we are much better prepared for internships and full time jobs than students at other business schools.

About job placement process

There are a ton of leadership opportunities that you can use to buff up your resume if it is lacking in any way before recruiting. I certainly have taken advantage of a few of them that have led to great discussions with recruiters. Darden students mainly recruit for ibanking and consulting. I have also been extremely impressed with how many general management and marketing firms recreuit heavily at Darden. Darden also provides major resources to students interested in entrepreneurship. The school consistently is ranked in the top 5 for entrepreneurship. Tech is probably the only are that is slightly lacking, though I have met tons of second years that are headed into tech full time. So clearly there is a path to any area you want. Overall, the CDC does an incredible job preparing you and helping you through the recruitment process. All first years are assigned second year coaches who have similar backgrounds to you and are magnificent resources during recruiting. I have been utterly impressed during my time here and am know Darden will get me to where I want to be in my career.

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Investment Banking



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Tech Recruiting

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