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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

Location Online

This course begins with basic level and moves to advanced level. The topics are classified as per the level of difficulty and have been split into Concept files, Application files, Practice files. All the files in this course are relatively short, lasting to 20-30 minutes.
SC : The focus is on understanding the meaning of the sentence first and strategy is to divide sentence into smaller parts. The answers might be grammatically correct but logically wrong. Only when the intended meaning of the sentence is clear, I can get to the correct answer.

CR : Strategy of pre-thinking is the key for CR. I just followed the pre-thinking process as taught and not only improved my accuracy but also my timing to answer CR questions.

RC: Strategy of passage summaries at various stages of reading the passage proves enough to answer the questions correctly.

The best part is Verbal Live Prep. The live sessions are easy to understand and they cover the more challenging problems. The live sessions are very interactive and give a chance to understand the thought process of the instructors on how to use the e-GMAT process to tackle hard questions. In addition to learning from the instructors, I also learn from other attendees as they give an idea about how many different ways one can think about a particular question type.

Also Online classes are best for those who work full-time. Even if you miss any class you can access the recordings or attend the next online class from another batch as they run simultaneous batches.

Grockit one year membership is free for with Live prep course and complement the e-GMAT course well as one can practice with large question bank with quizzes and tests .

I suggest e-GMAT to all students who are struggling with verbal . ESPECIALLY FOR NON NATIVES , The strategies taught are very helpful and if followed diligently will surely improve verbal scores.

I'm already seeing an improvement in my verbal accuracy and I am now constantly scoring around 35-38 in my mock tests. My GMAT is next month, and I will reach my target score of 40.

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