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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I wrote GMAT thrice and every time i came out of the exam centre i was disappointed, had my shoulders down, and felt as if i was unfit to crack GMAT. Here are my scores-- 570,590, and 600.

But after going through many reviews on Gmat Club, i found that E-Gmat customers are doing well in GMAT, especially non-native speakers, in verbal section. My weak area is verbal and everytime i was scoring in twenties in that section. So, i have decided to sign up for E-Gmat Verbal Live Prep and started my journey with E-gmat on october-2-2012.

As suggested by E-Gmat tutors i planned my schedule as follows.

1) As quant is my strength, first i worked on my weak areas and got ready with quant in first month ( october ).
2) Once we register to the course, we can attend the whole course 4 times. So, in the first few months i worked only on SC and made sure that i get 90% of the questions correct. ( Dec to mid-jan ).
3) Then i started preparing for CR ( mid-jan to feb ).
4) Then RC ( March ).
5) Then i formed a 30 day schedule. I took 5 mock tests every week.( April ).
6) After taking 2 mock tests i scheduled my REAL GMAT TEST. ( May 8th ).
7) I took my last Mock on may 5th and scored 720 in GMAT PREP 2.

I felt confident that i could get a good score but didnt dare to predict it. Finally after writing the exam i saw a 710( Q49, V39 ). I was very happy because i got 88 percentile V39 in verbal, which is more than 83 percentile Q49.


1) E-gmat has a structured way for the non-native speakers to do well in verbal.
2) As soon as i completed a section, for example SC, i practiced SC in GROCKIT ( we shall get our account created once we register to VERBAL LIVE PREP ). This really has a huge impact.
3) The way E-gmaters approach SC will for sure increase the accuracy in SC section. ( Meaning based approach ).
4) Come what may-- Follow your schedule religiously. We shall excel for sure.

I improved my score by 110 marks. I recommend all the non-native speakers, who are weak in verbal, to join E-gmat because results are for sure. I wasted more than RS 1,00,000 for my coachings and exams. I dont want others to fall in the traps of unworthy coaching centres.

Finally, I thank all of you, who read my long post. Thanks alot RAJAT, PAYAL, and ARCHANA. You people made me cross the 700 barrier.

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