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Meaning is the hero of GMAT SC


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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I selected e-GMATfor mainly two reasons. I was impressed by the way Mr. Sadana took the class in strat session 1 and I liked their audio video approach rather than reading from a book after a 10 hr workday (6 day week).
The reason I was able to make a good pace in e-GMAT was I neither read any other book nor I had any apprehensions of any other process. So I didn't need to unlearn anything. So it was easy for me to adopt their process since that is the only way known to me
Sentence Correction: Three step sentence correction approach: In the first SC session, Ms. Payal asks everyone in the class about the most important aspect in SC, and 8 out of 10 said – Grammar and I am sure that most of the guys reading this post thinks the same.
But with her logic that grammar is only a tool which is used to convey the meaning (purpose), made us understand that understanding the meaning of a sentence is more vital than knowing bunch of grammatical rules. I can say that this changed my approach towards SC questions. None of us here are grammarians and most of us don’t know all the rules of grammar. Even if you know all the rules of grammar, there can be two answer choices which are grammatically correct but only one will convey the intended meaning.
There is more than one instance where I was able to pick the correct choice concentrating on the meaning of the sentence when I was confused between two or three answer choices.
Critical reasoning: Pre – thinking has greatly improved my accuracy and test time in CR passages. Many of you who are familiar with the process may think it will take a lot of time or it is very difficult to pre think. But take it from me, once we internalize the process (it will take time to get used to it and sometimes, we forget to pre think but keep on trying and after some time you will start to pre think even with out realizing), it’s basically not selecting from the given choices because you already know the answer--you just need to search for the answer or something similar to that. Believe it or not guys, I was able to finish my verbal 15 mins before the scheduled time and I pre thought.

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