September 30, 2013

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e-GMAT course - Pros and Cons


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

After getting a 660 (Q50, V29) in Nov 2011 (It was all self-preparation, solving only the OG and taking the practice tests from MGMAT. I also bought the MGMAT SC book), I decided to make it 700+ and apply for Fall 2014 (Due to pressure in my job and some other issues, I had to skip my plan to apply for Fall 2012 and Fall 2013)
In Oct 2012, when I resumed my GMAT preparation, I started searching for a comprehensive course for Verbal, which could boost my score. I came across e-GMAT, and after going through the trial videos, I got impressed and decided to enroll for Verbal Online.
I started the course, and then realized that I should have enrolled a long time back. It gave me a very solid framework, based on which I can look for patterns in the GMAT verbal questions. All its rules and the method of teaching impressed me a lot. Especially the RC pack helped me the maximum.
Then I thought to upgrade my account to Verbal Live-Prep. To me the SC and RC sessions helped a lot. All credit goes to Shraddha! She is an excellent teacher. Somehow the CR sessions were not that impressive to me. I know Shraddha could have done a better job if she could have taken those as well.

Pros :
1. Great course for non-natives. It makes all the concepts needed for GMAT crystal clear. Worth Buying.
2. The audio- visuals are more effective than buying books such as MGMAT SC

Cons :

1. Offline support of the team is very weak. If you send an email to them for help, there is no guarantee that someone will respond. After you change the subject of emails, I used to get reply that my email had reached their junk folder, and hence I had to send reminders for reply
2. All the faculties (except Shraddha and Payal) are not that friendly,predictable and to some extent, may be professional. I remember that initially one of the faculties was very friendly and was really helping me a lot related to my doubts. But one fine day he JUST STOPPED responding to my emails (Please note that in those emails I was just asking for help. No fight. No abuse.) I sent repeated reminders but it seemed as if he simply started ignoring my emails. Am still to figure out what exactly went wrong. After all, I paid for the service. Also, this behavior looked a bit unprofessional and unpredictable to me.
3. I ended up getting a 690 (Q49, V34). I still believe that as per my preparation with e-GMAT, I could have easily cracked 720+. What I think pulled my scores down was my test taking strategies. e-GMAT still don’t have its own practice tests. May be they should add that. Grockit might not be that helpful to people.

But in conclusion, despite whatever experience I had, I would still recommend the non-natives to buy at least the Verbal Online course. It simply is too good to make up your foundation for GMAT verbal.

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