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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

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I took the GMAT on December 2, 2012, and scored 610(44Q, 30V). I realized that if I were going to retake the GMAT, I would need to boost my quant score but would have to work very hard on verbal. During my preparation before taking the GMAT, I was stuck between V28-V30 and didn't know how to improve my verbal score. I did my research online and after reviewing trial files I came to the conclusion that e-GMAT's VLP was the best course available. Contents in VLP have been classified and prepared very meticulously.

Initially, I didn't get my desired results from e-GMAT's 3-step process on SC questions but persisted for a while and I started to improve my accuracy. After level 2, my accuracy was 70% and after level 3 my accuracy is 85%. This is an amazing improvement for me - a real confidence booster. You can revisit the concepts and quizzes as many times as you want.

Before coming to e-GMAT, I didn't follow a process to attack a CR question and hence couldn't improve CR much. After e-GMAT's CR course, my accuracy has increased to 70% from 50%. I would like to mention that their Inference and Prethinking sessions are wonderful. Both the sessions help you to align your thinking on the right path for your further CR journey.
Improvement: VLP's CR live sessions are not as elaborate as SC sessions are. E.g. In CR-Inference session, instructors should answer math-based questions more thoroughly as many students don't get how to relate equations/calculations with the stimulus.

I have attended e-GMAT's RC live sessions and started attempting OG-13 RCs. I can see my accuracy is increasing after every 8-10 passages. If I get inference question incorrect in 4-5 passages, I revisit the concept and session recordings. This approach has helped me to improve my accuracy to 65% from 50%.

If one is diligent and can use e-GMAT's solutions, recordings, forums, and quizzes judiciously, he/she will definitely improve the verbal score to a desired level. I will definitely recommend VLP course to all non-natives.

I have surely gained confidence in verbal and am going to take the GMAT in a month. Wish me luck. :)

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