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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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I have been associated with e-GMAT from last november wherein I got to attend one of their free webinars. I had taken my GMAT back in 2008 without much or research or coaching and had ended up with a mere 650. As my work ex grew , I landed up in a job where it was imperative to go to a B-school to grow careerwise. I understood the importance of an MBA degreee. So my quest began and I wanted to retake my GMAT by July 2014. As such I got enrolled with their free webinar and was quite surprised to grasp what they taught at the very first session. This lead me to make a quick decision to invest in this course, which gave me freedom to study and prepare for the GMAT alongside my work with no hassles of leaves, moving to classrooms etc. On top of that, e-GMAT had structured the course in such a manner that you have workshops every week, where you can discuss your doubts with an informed group and brilliant instructors. This helped me to really grasp the basic concepts and generated confidince in acing the GMAT exam. Now as I have been working my way with e-GMAT verbal live prep, have host of materials and questions to refer to anytime anywhere basis. I can view recordings for the sessions I have missed. I am sure I am on a journney of making my GMAT story a success. I am looking forward to July 2014 to make it to the B schools list. Kudos to Rajat and his team for providng us this platform and specially a boon to non natives


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